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Ooo looks like fun.  Very nice and fun. But......

I would stick to plain white background.

Not sure why you have a cat in there if its all about pit-bulls. I would remove the cat for this one. But you can have both for a pet promo or something. Some design layout needs reworking. Just my opinion. 🙂

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I love the cat and the dog, but I would also remove the text and the background. The buyer can add his own text / background, besides the text does not look really nice with that outline. 

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It looks pretty good. There is an error of the middle toe of the cat, and grammatically you should say "if you are a pitbull lover" since the word following "a" starts with a consonant not a vowel sound. This article explains it well: https://writingexplained.org/a-vs-an-difference

I actually agree with zsooofija that the outline of the text looks a little off.

All well wishes!

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