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Will Shutterstock turn these down also?

Joao Luiz Lima
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Joao Luiz Lima
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I am starting to believe soon I will meet SS's standards, and have my first time-lapse video approved.  The one of the sunset, I confess I wish I could have taken care of the flickering in the bottom.  But I was afraid messing with that too much would result in even greater damage. Honestly, I am not confident with this one.


The one of the setting moon bothers me for two reasons only. The three dots in the middle of the picture caused by something that reached the lens (no filter used then), and the apparent noise that I reduced moderately because I didn't want to overprocess it. I wonder if removing the dots, and maybe cranking up the noise reduction level before submitting this video would help get it approved.



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Without a doubt having a good shot of the sunset, it is somewhat complicated, but beautiful to save instagram stories online about it. But he was afraid to play with it too much and it would cause even more damage. Honestly, I don't trust this one.

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