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Thought I'd try submitting this shot even though the stars are blurry, because the mountains in the foreground are sharp. It was rejected for being out of focus. 

Camera settings: f2.8, 800ISO, 30 seconds, focus set to infinity

Even when I bump up the ISO and decrease the exposure time, the stars are always out of focus.

I'm wondering if this image should be acceptable with blurry stars, or if there's something I'm missing about how to shoot the Milky Way.

3331 - Milky Way WEB.jpg

Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 4.32.03 PM.png


I attended a workshop on shooting the Milky Way (which is where this was shot), and the instructor told us to shoot infinity. Thanks for the link. I've been looking all over the place for info on focus.

And yes, you're right about 30 sec. 20-25 is much better.

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Infinity marking on a lens is usually inaccurate.  You need to actually manually focus on (ideally fully zoomed in live view) a distant object like a mountain top, streetlight and so on.

The first photo for me, everything is blurred, forget it.

The second i cant tell, the sky looks like it might have a lot of noise?  What are the odd colour bands (Horizontal streaks)?

Focus time is going to depend on focal length of the lens.  Not all blur is bad.  "Bad" blur is generally "a little bit" meaning it doesnt look sharp OR intentional so you have to go for one or the other.

At 16mm 35mm equivalent i can get away with about 25 seconds for sharp stars.  Its significantly less as i zoom in from that.



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