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Photo post processing, need help and suggestion

Photo post processing, need help and suggestion
Alexander Moskovskiy
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Alexander Moskovskiy
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I´m new on Shutterstock. Please give me advice. Is it possible to refocus photos in post processing?

Probably long way and hard few days comp works retouching can help? So boring...

 I just play in some programs. As you see result is :(

 How you  can call this style of potography I represented?

Conceptual retro eclecticism or modern - retro eclectic photography?

 Do I need Model Realise for this photos? Dress have not exclusive designers intellectual copyright.

DSC_2157-20 detal.jpg

DSC_2157-20 detal BW.jpg

DSC_2157-20 efect contrast.jpg

DSC_2157-20 winter.jpg

DSC_2157-21 serpia.jpg

DSC_2157 color.jpg


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