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  2. Take a look on the FB groups - this is already happening. Someone posts a sale of $5 and gets about 50 comments from "WOW" to "WELL DONE" to "HOW BIG IS PORT" to "SHOW ME THE PORTFOLIO". The groups are full of people ecstatic to earn a few dollars literally a month. These are the people SS want as contributors above all else.
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  4. 10 years from now some newbie will excitedly post how he/she had a "big sale" worth $5. Many have deactivated or frozen their ports. Most, like myself, just wonder where else to put the images. There's a sunken cost feeling as many hundreds of hours invested on the keywording and uploading / re-uploading that even if it's half or 1/3 of what I earned last year it's better than nothing.
  5. You also have to wait until you have $50 cleared, then payment is automatic. Just remember $5.29 is 52 SS Subs! I only had that number of downloads for the whole of January!
  6. I like Alamy. Low sale volumes but the revenue per image is good. The highest single sale I've had was $188 (gross) but I also had one for $0.25 about a month ago.
  7. Steven I think it has to be something you are keen on to make it work I think ....
  8. This time last year Alamy cut the commissions on non exclusive sales from 50% to 40%.
  9. https://www.shutterstock.com/ru/image-illustration/seamless-pattern-small-branchs-blue-flowers-1925710277
  10. https://www.shutterstock.com/ru/image-illustration/seamless-pattern-wild-small-pink-flowers-1925574071
  11. https://www.shutterstock.com/ru/image-illustration/seamless-pattern-wild-small-violet-flowers-1925990582
  12. https://www.shutterstock.com/ru/image-illustration/seamless-pattern-small-wild-branch-blue-1347562574
  13. https://www.shutterstock.com/ru/image-photo/screwbolts-car-over-white-42621073
  14. Had my first sale on ALA last month after 3 years (only got 60 photos there) for $30. Get $9+ as commission.
  15. OK, I see it. I'm already at the Level 6 with 40% commission on my first sale!!!! Imagine if this was at another stock agency I won't name the name. I would've gotten only 15%. This is great!!
  16. Thanks. Imagine if everybody unlicenses portfolio on Shutterstock for 3 months. I think Shutterstock will cave in. I'm doing it to make more money potentially and be happy about my own business model of not selling my creations for pennies which makes me feel insulted every time I see the sales report. So, I don't pressure anybody to do the same, but it would be nice if at least all the big sellers, say top 100 sellers unlicense for 3 months at least. I may make 10-15% less overall without Shutterstock, but I'd rather be happy selling my photos and videos for decent price and get decent m
  17. Well I don't really care much for this topic but at least blvdone backs up his complaining with action - namely un-licensing what is a pretty big port. Yes, I'm aware others do that as well without the complaining and that's commendable. It's really all these accounts who collectively have un-liicensed their ports that will be the only way to get the message across in the end. Just need enough contributor accounts of large quality ports to do likewise.
  18. Yeah I wondered about whether it was an Australian thing too. Though my February 2020 results weren't too bad.
  19. Monetizing a YouTube channel in a nutshell: You need to have 1,000 subscribers on your YouTube channel Your videos have generated 4,000 Watch Time hours over the last 12 months You comply with all YouTube's policies and guidelines You have an AdSense account set up https://vidiq.com/blog/post/how-to-monetize-youtube-channel-beginners-guide/ Definitely need videos that get plenty of views and watch time or videos that go viral with views while still getting subscribers. Some channels have some rather peculiar though simple ways of achieving this (ie: relaxing m
  20. Sari I am with you on that .. no way would I want to be in front of the camera, I dont like the way I look or the way I sound
  21. There's many ways to do that; a lot of people just like to be in front of the camera and talk about whatever is their thing -- you won't *ever* catch me doing that, though, haha Streaming live and talking about something? HELL NO. I don't have anything to say! My son used to do a little bit of streaming on Twitch back when he was actively playing his fave games, and he also did some casting for others' matches - he's got the perfect voice for it (I'm not even biased about it that much ). I've told him to try to get into voice acting or something he could use his voice for,
  22. The amount you see on the contributor dashboard is the total sale value, you get 40 or 30% of that, depending if it was a direct sale or a distributor sale. The account balance page will show you the deduction(s), but it will not show you the direct amount you get, you have to calculate it yourself.
  23. That is cool Sari ... bummer on it not converting to cash Great shoot Sheila, bummer on the no cherry trees though.
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  25. $13 was how much it was sold for. You will get a percentage of that (usually 40% if non exclusive). You can see how much you actually got by going to your account balance page.
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