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  2. Don't forget to rate their apps on GooglePlay and AppStore. They really need your feedback too and they demand real reviews. So let's all show them our support.
  3. My problem: When I got the mail with the exciting news, I was as angry as most of the others, especially the downgrade every year made me angry. I also had the impression that we earn considerably less with the new model than before. The question is: Is it really true? And is there a way to earn more? The answer is difficult, because it depends mainly on which subscription models SS sells. And I don't know that. So I made a few small, certainly not completely correct, thought games. It's not as fine as the tables above. But that might give us a slightly better feeling for what to expect. Basis of these mind games: On the sales side an "average" to "weak" contributor with 100 DLs a month and 0.33 per DL. So 33 per month. Then I looked at the prices for photos (German site of SS). As far as I understood it, there are 7 different prices, which differ in the kind of subscription and especially in the number of pictures. The "highest group" (HG) includes subscriptions with 350 pictures (0,45 / picture) and 750 pictures (0,27 / picture), the arithmetical average is 0,36 / picture. The "medium group" (MG) comprises subscriptions with 10 pictures (2.90 / picture for beginners, otherwise 4.90) and 50 pictures (2.50 / picture), the arithmetical average being 3.43 / picture. The "Low Group" (LG) includes ODs with 5 pictures (7.16 / picture) and 10 pictures (9.8 / picture), on average 8.48 / picture. Ok, now I take the 100 images / month of our average seller and calculate 3 scenarios for the first month (15% share, minimum 0.1😞 Scenario 1 : 50% HG, 25 MG, 25% LG Result: 49,66 Scenario 2: 40 % HG, 50 % MG, 10 % LG Result: 42,44 Scenario 3: 60% HG, 30 % MG 10 % LG Result: 34,15 Since the model has errors due to the averaging process anyway and the assumptions made are uncertain, I have decided not to use the Euro-Dollar conversion. Scenario 3, with an HG share of 60%, thus comes to about the same as before. Ultimately this means that the share of bulk buyers (which I don't know) is the decisive parameter. From about 60% bulk buyers on, things get critical, below that it could still end "well". However, since I assume that SS can also calculate, I assume that the proportion of HG will be more than 70%. And we will make less of it. But this is only my unfavourable assumption. My annoyance is not so big anymore and I tend to wait and see how things develop.
  4. Laws are higher than contracts. That's why it's a good idea to check with lawyers
  5. I am the author of popular photos of isolated fruit and vegetables. My works were bought many times and I brought a lot of money to shutterstock. Today I uploaded about 100 pictures on Adobe stock and 0 pictures on shutterstock! And I won’t upload photos until shutterstock changes its policy. I protest the new conditions. I put a poor rating in google play shutterstock application. I informed all my friends that they would stop loading work on shutterstock! We must unite to become strong! PS: Forgive me my knowledge of English
  6. I'm going to rate their app on GooglePlay exactly how I feel about their service. Transparency and honesty, let's give them some real reviews.
  7. Adobe stock increase minimum commission not long ago and give free photoshop subscription if you are a minimum active there
  8. Yes, that's correct, only jpg. While you can save an image as Photoshop ESP that does not automatically turn your drawing into a vector. Esp files are for vector submissions only and unless it's a working vector, it will be rejected by Shutterstock.
  9. I guess we will find out soon enough who is correct when your new .10 commissions start rolling it but hopefully we will all disable and not need to find out
  10. Useless. You already gave SS full freedom to licence your work as they wish in your contributor contract. You don't accept the new condition, you can only cancel your contract.
  11. In my current job, in the chemical industry, I earn € 24 an hour, which with all the extras goes up to € 34 an hour. Photography and video for me is only a hobby and, if I have the possibility of earning money with this hobby then better. But to earn money with this hobby, I have to be very disciplined when taking photographs, travel to certain places at certain times, having superior photographic equipment, I must carry several lenses and a tripod, taking photos thinking about the commercial value of it, not my personal tastes. and dedicate hours of work to each photo A good photo, after being taken, has to be processed. I always use Photoshop (for which I also have to pay) and a photo can take me, from a few minutes to several hours (if I have to do many masking and cloning or if I want to give a spectacular touch that provides many sales). Shutterstock has unilaterally decided to drastically reduce the money I receive for my work, in order to they earn more money. So I tell SS. I'm sick of your reviewers insulting me daily with rejections for lack of focus, too much noise, or poor exposure. In no way will I accept that SS decides to pay me that misery for my work. I currently have porfolios in AdobeStock, Alamy, Dreamstime, 123RF and Depositphotos And none of them think that my photos are shit. I never get a rejection. On June 1, I will deactivate my catalog of photos and videos and continue with my hobby on the other stock sites. I encourage you all to do the same. Shutterstock is nothing without us. SS cannot sell a single photo if we all deny them the right to license our work. What we gain from our work is decided by us, just as we cannot accept that a reviewer insults us by telling us, after years of work, thousands of photos, and expensive equipment of the latest generation, that we do not know how to get a photography in focus.
  12. Does anybody have a chance to check this thing with lawyers?
  13. name one agency that commission change benefits contributors? you are not naive, aren't you?
  14. I ask the representatives of the photobank to explain why, unilaterally, without warning, the payment conditions change in advance! I think such changes should be agreed with the representatives of the stockers and agreed in advance! I urge all stockers to suspend the download and sale of works!
  15. I wonder how reset to level 1 for both images and videos every year on January 1st connected with creating fair opportunities for all our contributors, and rewarding performance with greater earnings potential. Answer: no way! This is simply unreasonable robbery of the contributors during the first months of the year !!! Theft and fraud and nothing else!
  16. I can 't draw quality works for 10 cents. You have to reconsider your policies. Will leave professionals = will leave buyers. Why don 't you respect us? We put our soul into this cause, We are not slaves. I stop loading.
  17. Unacceptable. I definitely don't work for 10 cents.
  18. Are there already contributors who have turned their portfolio off? It seems that those who said they did still have their ports online...
  19. If you support capitalism and "freedom", you can not blame SS... Textbook how the new economy works; Be cool, grab market share and screw your contributor as they are all no more than parasite intermediaries... I prefer Wall st than Silicon valley (i know SS is actually in NY)
  20. Go to the Apple store and Google store!!! Let's write what we think about them!
  21. I still really don't see a problem with this if they are going off the pricing plans now for the customers but I do wonder if customers are really buying $249 for 750 images per month. The on Demand will benefit me greatly since I get about 20 of them a month depending what I am covering and I get out the door. But they do need to explain in detail if customers are more purchasing the higher packs over the 10 - 50. That is why I am wondering why did they mention about 4.90 for the 10 packs. I wonder if the 350 or the 750 might be going away or those prices may change which is more for us in the end. Still there is a lot that needs to be fully explained. Either way the reset will suck for some may be many. But it will only take me a month and I will be in tier 2 or less. Depending what I am covering. Like this month for the memorial services I have over 100 photos sold. 120 to exact. The protests I covered I sold over 200 photos sucks they were all at .33 no ODs either way it will be great for photojournalist that uploading regularly! News moves fast and it keeps on changing. But I am not going to keep diving into this drama. I have done my best to keep away from here and focus on making money. So I will keep on uploading and keep on treading along. Either way. I make more at direct sales anyways. Off my site.
  22. we need world union or kind of syndicate as music artist have done so it can be done. Only law can stop this from happening, not hashtags or anything other.
  23. One thing I know for sure is, SS won't listen to their contributors, and this new image/Video level will not be reversed.
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