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  2. Patrick Cooper

    The Hummer Thread Vol.2!!!

    Ive been asked by a scientist to find some land crabs and photograph them here on Kangaroo Island. According to her colleagues, land crabs are getting very scarce over on the South Australian mainland and they were wondering how well they were doing on the island. I was able to find six of them in an area about 7 x 1 meters. I guess that's a fairly decent indicator that they have a good sized population on the island.
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  4. Laurin Rinder

    Just Might be time for a Mirrorless Upgrade.....

    Your Port is just amazing as always. I miss seeing you. My long time assistant is a Crazy Pet shooter also. she Now shoots for a fancy Place in Bev Hills. and says she can hardly wait to get to work and wants to open her Own Place. Her Background is Going on the road with Rock Bands for years and Just Burnt out. Like I was .LOL. be well girlfriend. Dave says hello also.
  5. Milleflore Images

    Just Might be time for a Mirrorless Upgrade.....

    Hi Susan. How are you? I bought the Sony a7rII two years ago and absolutely love it. I am no techie, as you know, so here is my appraisal as a user: In the beginning I had problems with the adaptor and focus issues with my Nikon lenses, so I decided to buy the Sony lenses. I have three - the 90mm macro, 1.8/50mm, and the 3.5-5.6/28-70mm - which cover all my studio and basic outdoor use. The focus using Sony lenses is amazing - it just knocks your socks off. Never had that with my Nikon gear. It was a costly exercise but it more than paid for itself many times over. It was recommended for me by a mutual friend, who BTW shoots with RED cameras, but to fit within my budget. (approx. $4k for camera plus lenses). It got me into 4k footage which was the main thing, but because the quality is so good, I can shoot for video and then export frames for stills, and have no problem whatsoever selling those. Its often referred to as the 'girlie' camera, but that suits me fine as its so light (camera with Sony lens) that I can shoot video handheld (which I couldn't do with the Nikon gear before - far too heavy for me) and that allows for more spontaneous clips when you are out and about. Another big plus for me. I can increase my ISO in low light with no noise problems, which is something I couldn't do with my older Nikon gear. I can shoot video with very shallow DOF (say, f/2.8) and still export the stills and sell as photos with no discernible quality loss. Only downfall is battery life is very short - but they give you an extra battery. lol. And you get used to working around that. Yes, it has been superseded by the III, but I am not interested in upgrading mine. The only other thing I want from a video camera, which the a7rII AND III cannot do, is shoot slo-mo at 4k. When something like that comes out in my price range, then I may upgrade. Hope this helps, and you're well, Best regards Annie
  6. Of course! No doubt. For general purpose stacking, PS works just fine. I'm also using it when stacking only a few shots. My comment was only in relation to Helicon vs. the software prefered by most extreme macro pros, who must stack hundreds, maybe thousands of shots. That's Zerene Stacker.
  7. Phil Lowe

    Is the "3 exposure HDR" technique obsolete?

    I'll also add that many people are not shooting with the newer, much more expensive cameras from Canon, Nikon, and Sony. Older cameras or entry level cameras capable of shooting raw files still both require and benefit from bracketing for quality HDR work.
  8. Perry Correll

    The Hummer Thread Vol.2!!!

    We haven't had a tree since himself converted. Still outdoor lights, though.
  9. While I'm sure my focus stacked images aren't up to the professional standards of some contributors, I find the stacking capabilities of Photoshop CS 4 (or later) is adequate. I don't normally tend to stack more than 10 images so I won't be competing with Mandritoiu's super macro insect shots but it does provides an inexpensive (if you already own photoshop) alternative for those of you that would like to give focus stacking a try.
  10. Vikks

    SHOW your latest download

    https://www.shutterstock.com/image-vector/editable-commercial-instagram-luxury-stories-template-1214041906 https://www.shutterstock.com/image-vector/isometric-digital-world-map-concept-over-1200124627
  11. Laura Kneedler


    What is it exactly?
  12. Helicon is OK. Most extreme macro pros prefer Zerene: https://zerenesystems.com/cms/stacker
  13. Laurin Rinder

    Blurry previews

    Good here. 27 IMAC
  14. Helicon Focus. I think about $120ish. Multiple exposures and different focus Points and the software stacks them for you. Quite fun.They used to give it away if you write a story about using it.There is a Learning curve to do it correctly been around a Very Long time..https://www.heliconsoft.com/heliconsoft-products/helicon-focus/
  15. Twistedmedic


  16. Twistedmedic


  17. Phil Lowe

    Is the "3 exposure HDR" technique obsolete?

    No. It's not obsolete. Bracketing still gives you options you don't get with pushing sliders around on a single image.
  18. Alexander Oganezov

    Blurry previews

    The one you posted looks fine on my devices. I've seen situations where non-standard aspect ratio at times makes previews look really bad, but your sample doesnt seem to exhibit the same problem for me.
  19. Alexander Oganezov

    Just Might be time for a Mirrorless Upgrade.....

    Yeah, I've read really bad stories of people having all sorts of issues with previous Sony cameras, even r2 model has number of focus issues with canon glass/adapter; was only willing to give a7r3 a try after reading numerous reviews of people using Canon glass on it via various adapters. My experience similarly is only limited to a7r3, but I can't say anything in menu system was offputting. I did have to spend time creating custom menu for quick access to things I use the most, but I can't say I've had any serious issues switching from 6D/70D in terms of muscle memory retraining. I can see that, r3 is also quite small compared to Canon bodies and it took some time to get adjusted to it; I am still thinking about buying extra grip/battery addon to make hold area bigger/more comfortable, but even with that, someone with very large hands will probably still struggle (at least initially) with how to hold it safely.
  20. Phil Lowe

    Just Might be time for a Mirrorless Upgrade.....

    This: I tried adapting Canon glass to my Sony A6000. Nothing worked. No autofocus whatsoever in any mode. At least with the Canon EOS R's adapter, all Canon EF lenses will work just fine. And since all of my 3rd party glass is user upgradeable via firmware docks, I'm betting it would work just fine adapted to a Canon RF mount, too. My Sony experience is limited to the A6000. While that may not be a fair test, I'm very off-put by the Sony menus system. While I hear that it's improved in their newer cameras, I'm not willing to risk trading everything in on something I'm not going to like, or anything that requires a complete retrain of my muscle memory. I have held the Sony A7III and didn't like the feel of it in my hands. I have large hands, and I always felt like i was going to drop it. I much prefer the bigger, deeper grips on my 5D4 and Nikon D500.
  21. Laurin Rinder


    Badly OOF tree.
  22. Laurin Rinder


    And what is this supposed to be? artifacts all over it and Really Poor processing. 100% opposite of what you need to be doing......
  23. Susan Schmitz

    Just Might be time for a Mirrorless Upgrade.....

    Wow, thank you very much for taking the time to provide such a thorough response, Alexander. This is very helpful!
  24. Laurin Rinder


    Focus and composition
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