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  3. My very first month I got $60.10 with 242 images. But..... that was way back in 2007. (the second month was $138.75 with 571 images - now with 4600 images I am hardly earning more than this! )
  4. I'm only about halfway to where I was last month but June was actually my BME so far. Definitely lots of ups and downs in the sales.
  5. Strange - I recently submitted cleopatras needle which is full of hieroglyphics and it was accepted - can't see there is much difference, as no-one I know can read hieroglyphics! Maybe it is your keywords - not the writing on the monument?? Look at your keywords and make sure all in english - I had a recent rejection for not english, but I had made a mistake in the title , I put an extra letter at the end of a word in error - I removed it and it was accepted. Might be worth looking at.
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  7. Crazy.
  8. i reuploaded them and they were rejected again lol
  9. Alexander Image
  10. 1967 Porsche 912 Targa is on display at the annual National Oldtimer day Transparent plastic bags with white powder, isolated on black background Colorful silk fabric close-up. Filtered toned image in instagram style.
  11. Seems a bit unfair on contributors elsewhere - ok I understand postal costs, but they could give a voucher so wherever you are in the world you can order from Apple!!! It seems a bit 'racist' to the rest of the world!
  12. . . baltaay
  13. Thanks for the heads up. My entry has been confirmed. Get your email in before October 17, 2017. Top prize has a cash value of $3000.00
  14. $19.80 - first sale of this image and first EL !
  17. It's also only open to people who have seen it. Where is this contest announced?
  18. "The Shutterstock Fall Giveaway is only open to residents of the U.S. and Canada (except Quebec)" Most likely due to local regulations. It is open to Canada - but not the province of Quebec.
  22. The Town hall in Cologne Germany on a stunning summers evening
  23. First 2 months $3.25 woopdeedoo!
  24. Are you suggesting the appalling search and very poor customer service is driving buyers away? In the original post it is suggested buyers may have migrated to Offset, which may explain his drop in earnings. Have you been tempted to try an Enterprise Plan, which would give you access to Offset or have you been tempted to move to somewhere the search is more discerning to your requirements, which also may explain his drop in earnings. If not why do you persist with problematic searches? Has the drop in prices of subscriptions to the point that you get twice as many images as you would for the same money or less than you pay for On Demand downloads kept you loyal, which also would explain a drop in earnings.
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