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  2. Not directed at anyone in particular...
  3. Lol, that's more like Annie! 😂
  4. Awake. Love all the updates!
  5. Thanks Mike. No filters were used during shooting, nothing but the plain old camcorder lens. It is so much easier to do things in post today.
  6. I note that the rejection could also be partly due to grammar errors and I do see a few of those in your descriptions. Though I do realise these can be hard to avoid if English is not your first language. "...ermicelli noodles is cooked with pork broth" 'Noodles' is plural (referring to more than one) so we need to use 'are' instead of 'is.' "Visitors can walk through open areas or drive in bus to visit some endangered one." If we're talking about a single bus, the indefinite article 'a' is required before 'bus.' If you're referring to that particular mode of transport in a more general sense, you can use the plural word 'buses.' Similarly, you're describing animals generally so you can use 'endangered ones.' I wouldn't use 'nice' as an adjective in describing the appropriate kind of atmosphere for optimal plant growth. Also, are there really plants that are known as hens and chicks?
  7. How about read a few last messages or pinned (recommended, on top) post?
  8. One observation: the studio version is taking full advantage of the GPU processing power, while the free version is only using default software decoders, reason for being slower. Having said that, for 4K, it is also advisable to have a video card with at least 8GB of RAM (because you might get "out of GPU RAM" messages for standard 2GB cards), at least 32GB of regular RAM, at least one fast SSD (preferably M.2) and a powerful processor. Besides speed, the studio version has additional features, some of them really good, like a very efficient noise reduction. As an example, check this 100% zoom sample, from a high ISO M2P shot:
  9. More important than computing power is having a fast hard drive if you expect good playback quality. Before someone upgrades to a better computer, they should check their external drives first -- and how they are connecting to them. A lot of people who are inexperienced with video aren't aware that footage should never be be located on internal hard drives or cheapo external drives that aren't fast enough to allow playback no matter what computer you connect them to. Of course, on the other hand, smooth playback isn't needed at all for grading stock footage.
  10. https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/southampton-united-kingdom-may-20-2016-1160920621
  11. I would not recommend spending money on models. Unless you are already really good at directing and posing a model, and can come up with a concept that hasn't been already done to death, you'll never get that investment back in microstock. I actually have quite a few model released images, and they hardly ever sell, because they are simply lost in the vast sea of images here. For example, I have a handful out of 162,866 images of "child playing on the beach". I can't even find them myself.
  12. Wildlife animals at Vinpearl Phu Quoc Safari, Kien Giang Province, Vietnam. They are parrots, goats, lions, giraffes.. Visitors can walk through open areas or drive in bus to visit some endangered one. I don't see any Giraffes in your pictures, so why do you say there is in the description? How would you feel as a customer looking for a Giraffe and this is what they bring you? The soup description, why are you using Non English words when is against SS policy? yes sometimes reviewers make mistakes and allows them for common stuff but how do they know what you wrote? the rules are clear, only words in English dictionary. all these rejections appear in line with guidelines you accepted by deciding to use SS
  13. Just a heads up, before anyone downloads DaVinci Resolve - make sure to read the specs and RAM requirements first. It's a free program, but needs a lot of computing power to run.
  14. Love your description! You should write books. And your slo-mo clips are really cool. I loved the bicycling one too. Let us know how they do.
  15. https://www.shutterstock.com/tr/image-photo/view-seaport-yarimca-kocaeli-turkey-derince-1372742702?src=VZSjOP93PHSfDzqphYHGow-1-14 https://www.shutterstock.com/tr/image-photo/view-oil-refinery-kocaeli-turkey-petroleum-1372742651?src=VZSjOP93PHSfDzqphYHGow-1-12
  16. I don't know why the soup pictures were rejected, but in the case of the succulents and the animals, the location is completely irrelevant to the image, and each image should be labeled with it's own description. If we are looking at a picture of a parrot, then the rest of the animals should not be mentioned. The description should be what it is we see in the picture. Bottle-feeding a lion cub is very different from a parrot. If you are not willing to take the time to do this, then don't upload 100 pictures at once.
  17. Unfortunately human reviewers make errors or are sometimes lazy. That can be extremely frustrating. I suggest you report the batch numbers to contributor support so that the reviewer can be flagged for one of the above reasons and resubmit. While I realize how frustrating that is, it’s about all we can do. While I can understand some of the title rejections, I think this was a case of the reviewer getting lazy and not dealing with the images individually.
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