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  2. Sheila, I caught some of that webinar. But it was about 4.00am here when it was streamed lol. Sari, a few years ago, I did a time lapse of stars here on Kangaroo Island and there were so many shooting stars. About 5 - 6 of them captured during the TL. Hard to say if that's normal or not.
  3. Zoom into your photo at 100%, you can see clearly it has issues throughout, it needs to be sharp and clear even at 100%. Look in particular at the trees where they meet the sky, looks almost like a oil painting effect has been applied. And the deer in the distance clearly have a white halo like line around them. Watch you are not creating these problems in post. Try to avoid it it the first place, but on ones that aren't to bad you could try downsizing to hide it. Reviewers will be checking your images at full size, 100%, so you should always check yours at this size or bigger too. I took these screen grabs at 100%, they've upsized on the forum so they look even worse, but you can see the issues that probably caused the rejection.
  4. In 2016 I was debuting with SS, and this image was the first to be offered to the fierce eye of the examiner (humor) and to date it has been sold 74 times, including the last time, yesterday morning July 13, 2020. Laurin was the first to congratulate me, I take this opportunity to wish him a happy birthday (he has except error 3 years older than me.) 74 68
  5. The entire model now feels like a Ponzi scheme to me.
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  7. BTW, if you upload in Xpiks, it automatically makes your filename "Shutterstock-compilant" so you don't need to worry about that. The trick is that locally you can have any names, just the names that you "create" on FTP server should be "compliant". Not sure if you can fix it in FileZilla.
  8. My Top 20 here at shutterstock: 6.632 2.393 1.763 1.353 1.146 948 911 869 844 790 763 748 711 707 666 625 565 558 544 541
  9. Yesterday I had my personal negative record. 50% of the downloads were those for $0.10 - despite level 5.
  10. Hello, Mirko, i just tried this and can't find your image - screenshot attached.
  11. I doubt it, the reality is that 0.10 cents per photo is the reality.
  12. Around 20% loss against old payment structure. 0,10 DLs suck. Have stopped uploading on May 25th and am considering to delete my port in January when the loss will be around 40%. I’m currently on lvl 4. other outlets are outperforming SS by far since June.
  13. I can't see anything that could be wrong with this picture...
  14. missed it as well. We have not been able to get the meteors either
  15. https://www.shutterstock.com/image-illustration/seamless-pattern-wild-small-beige-flowers-1791253922
  16. https://www.shutterstock.com/image-illustration/watercolor-seamless-pattern-wild-small-blue-1795288516
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