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  2. The DXO 'Prime' noise reduction is the best that I've ever used.
  3. Can every photo be sold as editorial?

    Thanks for your answer, i will read those.
  4. Which countries are your clients from?

    Since I do mainly travel: UK pics from UK clients Dutch pics from Dutch clients Italian pics from Italian clients etc.
  5. SODs of November 2017

    First one!
  6. Which countries are your clients from?

    Oops I’m shocked at how little content there is from some of these locations. Hopefully that means plenty of sales for us both!
  7. JPEG does not match EPS file or low quality

    I just had a batch of patterns rejected for the same reason. ( No white background.) One in the batch, processed the same way, was accepted. Who knows anymore what goes on around here.
  8. Which countries are your clients from?

    So you are the one who took all my sales in the Middle East! LOL
  9. What am I missing ? Please advise

    It was a serious post. There have been huge discussions about this (agencies wanting proof of ownership) among illustrators. The consensus is that it's similar to the silliness of making out a property release for yourself. It could be used to claim someone else's work as your own, which would be reprehensible, but it is also a way to convince automated or mass review that your work really is your work. In the case of this particular image, although a photographic technique was used, it's not copied or derived from a photo. So, what do you do? Provide either a property release or a reference image. In this case, a reference image would probably be more appropriate. If your illustration is derived from a photo, you provide the photo. If your illustration started as a sketch on a napkin, you scan the napkin. If your image is digitally created, but you were busy creating, and didn't stop in the middle to take a screenshot... you create a reference image after the fact.
  10. Which countries are your clients from?

    My photos of Lebanon and Oman have been my most popular by far, so most downloads are coming from the Middle East.
  11. Today
  12. Yes it is. Simply because she said so and you are not in a position to dispute that. (Nobody is) Tell her that you are willing out of respect to remove the picture. (and to comply with Portuguese laws I understand, but don't tell her that) Explain to her at the same time what Editorial means and that it would be unethical to pay her. That paying would hurt the integrity of the editorial concept and would hurt you as the photographer if you would start paying people that are in editorial pictures, . As a matter of fact, if you do that, you can be suit by the people who use those editorial images if they find out. (at least in the US) Simply because nobody would know anymore whether the image/situation was "as is" and what you see is how it was,or if the image/situation was posed/set up. It doesn't matter if it is after the fact. Also, it would not surprise me that if SS finds out that you pay people for editorial content (if you would have), they might close your whole account. (I probably would)
  13. Submission Page Update

    Exactly the same for me with my last editorial images.
  14. Once you learn your camera and learn how to edit the images properly you will start understanding yourself what makes a good image. I shoot mostly raw and use LR, but everyone is different. Learning to crop stock images is also very important. None of us know what sells. Most of the images in demand are the hardest to take and involve a lot of work i.e. people and model releases. Before pressing the shutter ask yourself what this image could be used for and would I buy it. Is the light ok mostly look for blue sky and clouds or late afternoon/ early morning. Use a tripod if not you need for outside to be around f8 -f11 with at least 250 shutter speed, depending on focal length. It then depends on your camera and how good the ISO is. This is my method which works for me. I only have only 670 images here but in two years I have over 6000 sales. SS is still the best place to sell images. Keep going. I wish you luck
  15. WTH?Multiple submissions ...

    It seems that some of the old team inspectors adhere to the strict old school rules, but the majority of recruited newcomers - NOT. I notice more and more often 100 of identical multiple submissions, just one pic with a little anothe "filter" or angle, this will lead to a rubbish dump!
  16. What am I missing ? Please advise

    That actually works.
  17. SHOW your latest download
  18. Agree I got this free last week and have been playing with it. It is very good.
  19. Can every photo be sold as editorial?

    I am glad you are not demanding. It's all on the site (and on these forums) For example:
  20. tax question

    It's in the Q and A link I posted. How do I submit the W-8? Our updated Tax Center will help you decide which form is right for you. Simply answer the questions, and follow the prompts on the screen. If the W-8BEN is appropriate for your situation, you’ll be prompted to fill in a few fields, and you can submit the form electronically directly from the Tax Center. Other forms (W-8ECI, W8-BENE, W-9, etc) can be downloaded from the Tax Center in pdf format. Fill out the form completely, and e-mail it as an attachment to
  21. hello guys, Can every photo be sold as editorial? Examples: - the photo of my dog - the photo of a tree - the photo of my pencils - the photo of the coca-cola brand - the photo of the face of a homeless person (i ask for permission to take the photo, but don't say it's going to be sold) - the photo of the homeless but showing the street or buildings (don't asked for permission, it's from relatively far away) - the photo of a kid playing in the park with a dangerous dog (i ask for permission to parents / i don't ask for permission) - the photo of a kid playing in the park (i ask for permission to parents / i don't ask for permission) - the photo i took with my cellphone/compact camera inside the mall, where there are no signs of photography being prohibited - the photo of a naked woman running during a soccer game - the photo of a artwork but includes some nearby elements, like a person watching, a vase with a big flower next to it. - the photo of police officers eating a big burger on the street, or giving directions to the traffic - the photo of only the faces of casual visitors of an event, that are not in costume, or participating on the activities of the event. - the photo of casual visitors of an event, that include some elements that show that they are indeed visiting an event. Can you say for each one and give your opinions. I want to know this because i want to understand if anything can be sold as editorial, i don't want to know if it has potential to be sold. thanks
  22. @Nancy Shutterstock Same Corrupted release rejection again
  23. Yes this is a recurring event, and the organizers are on my side, I've talked to them. But there is an enormous lack of information concerning this matter on the general audience, at least on Portugal. But since this is kind of a small city (1800 visitors attended to the event this year) and a tight community, you how cosplayers are, one person can influence a lot, and easily 50 people can complaint and hurt future events as well. Now the organizers can block the entrance of these negative and understandable people and carry on, or it can make a test next year to see what happens. This in the end can hurt other photographers that are invited to cover the event and defeat the purpose of creating a healthy business, on the part of photography, the event itself and the Portuguese cosplay community looses the opportunity for it's culture to be known a little better.
  24. SHOW your latest download
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