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  2. Three dots (...) was what I used to cut and paste keywords successfully before - (when both images were not yet submitted.) Just found the way to do it with a photo already in the port to one not yet submitted. Use three dots (...) as before, highlight keywords click copy. Open submit content image, BUT this time don't click three dots (...) instead click directly on keyword line and select paste from the top banner drop down. ... Guess many of you knew this all along, but it has been a hiccup for me.
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  4. With Filmic Pro do you use extreme filmic quality? Manual exposure? 1/60 shutter speed? iso? What is the bit rate of you raw footage (mbps)? In the export settings, doy you use the better quality in your h264 export? Maybe you can try to reupload.
  5. I can see from my pictures: 1. there is no connection with sales, since those pictures that were sold have a 7/10 rating, and those that have 10/10 were not sold at all. 2. The number of megapixels, equipment and lighting have little effect on the rating. For example, I have footage shot on gfx 50 with a size of 8256. There, in my opinion, a unique natural moment, two rocky ridges and one natural created by clouds. However, this photo has a rating of 8/10 mountains And many photos that I took with an old amateur camera (whose lens cannot be removed and had a lot of dama
  6. In fact, I can see Minnesota from my dining room window. The city was named Hudson because a mayor in the 1850's thought the area reminded him of Hudson, New York. And yes, people around here have accents like in the movie Fargo. Of course, I don't, doncha know.
  7. Catalog manager actually has a copy and paste function in it already - when you're looking at the the pic you want to copy keywords from, look for three dots (...) on the right side of the word keywords - click on it, and you have options to copy and also paste.
  8. David A Litman, Maybe my outdated browser? I'll try Chrome instead of Safari and see if that works.
  9. I have a cat vomit pic for 9/10. Yay...
  10. David, good Idea and nice photoshop work on the submitted image. Admittedly, I spend far too much time on my submitted images especially now that they've reduced the payouts but I do it for myself and view it as an opportunity to learn and expand my photoshop skills. If I'm happy with the foreground but stuck with a lousy sky, I usually will change out the sky. In the case of the attached adjusted image, I made the original horizontal image into a vertical in order to take advantage of the beautiful sky I added. Your way makes more sense however, given the new contributor payout
  11. Yeah, something that big, I'd think it was a croc too! LOL. Not sure I want to run into one that large. Of course, we get cougars round here so that's probably worse. Not on the island but in the hills in the surrounding areas.
  12. I've got quite a few environmental type images. Obviously visual appeal of these should be low. But i've just found a picture of mine of a leaking sewage outlet. A literal photo of sh*t has been ranked 9/10 for visual appeal.
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  14. If the sky doesn't add interest in a landscape (or seascape), leave it out or crop it down: vs
  15. I have seen the Boyd Forest Dragon here, they are super cute. I have yet to spot one when I have my camera on me. One was posing right near me but when I moved it was off like a shot. The goannas can be found around most of Australia. Different ones but come under the same umbrella name. Some of them can be huge. You can realise when you see one that is about 2 metres long (6 foot) why some tourists thought they had seen a crocodile.
  16. It works for me. Maybe there is a glitch with your computer. Something similar happened to me a while back, where I could copy and paste keywords from my work computer, but my home computer stopped allowing this process and I never could figure out why. I was due for an upgrade anyway, and when I got a new laptop, problem disappeared.
  17. Submitting a series of new images it's easy to cut and paste keywords from one photo to the next. Is it possible to do the same with keywords already accepted in my port? Catalog Manager allows me to highlight an old photo's keywords and click copy, but navigating to submit content it won't allow me to paste. Is there a way to do this?
  18. Steve, As a matter of fact I did read it a lot, especially the first pages but I never reacted because I feel it's weird to react to a post made 6 months before 😅 Anyway it's a great topic a I like the advices a lot! It is very useful! I will probably read the new entrance and react if I'm around!
  19. Awana JF, Thanks for the comment! The first one was taken in the Badlands National Park in South Dakota and the second was in Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. If you haven't waded through this thread you might want to as the Shutterstock Contributors and I came up with quite a few good tips that might be of interest. As mentioned before we did wander off topic a number of times but I think it might be a worthwhile read.
  20. If you like a peaty taste then Ardbeg is very good. I personally prefer a Speyside or a Highland single malt. Costco do a Kirkland branded Speyside single malt which is remarkably good (it is supplied by Alexander Murray). Costco also do a very good XO Cognac (produced by Peyrat) if you like that sort of thing. My whisky collection:
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