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    Hi, I always wonder how can customers know if an image is downloaded before or how many downloads of a prefered image? Also, I ask a question here from almost a month and there was a member asked me with the number of my photos levels (for example the dog image is in first 20,00 photo which can be showed to a customer and so on). Thank you
  3. My 3 cents

    Thank you and yes, absolutely. (That's part of the being a manager part). It is one of the reason I always use my real name like you do. I want people to remember my name before they remember my pictures. People tend to remember great photographs, but seem to have a hard time remembering who actually took that shot. That's why the name comes before the work. (just ask Tina Turner. All she wanted from her divorce was her name) Every business, no matter what, is about sales and only sales. Everything else (incl. technical skills !) is there to support sales. Every full time pro can tell you it is 90% marketing/sales and 10% actually taking pictures. However, this is microstock and basically we hired agencies like SS to do most of that part for us in exchange for a percentage. Like Howard Hughes said. " I don't work for you Senator". "You work for me". Now if those agencies only can remember who they really work for, we would all be happy. I know you know all that Alexandre, so this post is not personal per se
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  5. How to make your photos stand out from crowd

    Yes, I would like to try this next time. For now, I am filling my portfolio with vectors because one of my friend suggested me to do that. and thank you too! It's only been 1 month that I tried to learn digital painting and vectoring because I am more in to traditional painting so I am still learning. hehe.
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  7. Intellectual Property Decline

    I give you an Example and I hope it may help you. If you took a picture of your own living room and even if there was just a single picture hang onto wall or painting or arts decoration which is not your own creation or without artist copyright release (ACR), it will be rejected too. There is no problem you bought it and hang it in your own house but if you take a picture of it and want to sell commercially, you can't. In your picture, I would say those simple semi-precious stones jewelry earrings and necklaces are quite common may not have issue but those handmade Chandelier earrings was definitely infringes of artist intellectual copyright. Since multiple items was arrange into a frame or display tray, all of it involve shop owner intellectual property right. These are already 2 type of release involve you need to have. So, almost all of it do have infringements of copyright. Maybe you could try your luck under editorial. I can say so because I'm doing some jewelry designs, beading and silversmithing before. Here some of my jewelry images in display below you may have an idea and I don't upload to microstock.
  8. After blending exposures with luminosity masks in order to balance shadows and highlights, I applied lighten blending mode twice. For the first time I returned some reflections to skyscrapers from the first raw image, the second time I returned all the new lights (and light trails) back from the fourth raw LE photo.
  9. Yes, it's time-consuming, but I hope the result justifies, and this photo is not intended for micro. Thanks for the nice words Maricris and I like your style applied in illustrations.
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  11. Outdoor property release in Russia

    Submit as editorial
  12. One of my image was rejected due to "Illustrative Editorial Keyword Requirement", so I added the keyword "illustrative editorial" and resubmit the image. However, the image was rejected again due to "Not Illustrative Editorial" ...
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  15. Seven Sisters Walkway, Eastbourne, Sussex, United Kingdom

    Allow me to try my little hand, Laurin. I turns day into night, I add people and most of all is Master Jedi. So, if I need a helping hand trimming long grass, I know Master Jedi will always be there for me hehehe
  16. Outdoor property release in Russia

    You have to know the person who make the statue, which in most cases is impossible. You can try submitting it as an editorial image.
  17. How to make your photos stand out from crowd

    Did you use different blend modes, or just masked parts of each image?
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  20. Good winter/snow photos?

    Which is exactly what I am trying to do, as should be clear from the topic of this very thread. Two months ago I had never owned a camera in my life, didn’t know what shutter speed or aperture meant and had not the slightest clue about composition. Three weeks ago I didn’t know what stock photography was, not to mention what makes a good stock photo. Just because I don’t have professional pics yet doesn’t mean I am not learning
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