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  2. Looks like I spoke too soon - Tuesday is normally a good day - so far nothing
  4. I would take the 24-105mm for your landscape photos and the 50mm for when you just want to have a small lighter set with you.
  5. Yeah, it's definitely influenced by the current state of mind for sure, but it's interesting nonetheless.
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  7. I am another to complain about July After June BME and good looking start to July (although USD/DL average went down to almost-only-subs level), even the DL's went down. It is most visible on Thursday - 1 DL in two last Thursdays combined, when regular Thu avg of 10 weeks previously was 4,1. Oh well, I keep uploading and being patient, hopefully it is just another temporary fluke...
  8. I have done this before and it is an interesting exercise. I have noticed that depending on what I am currently doing or what I am currently focused on at work generally tends to sway my answers and the outcome of the test. Currently I am the Logistician...I am heavily involved on in the monitoring of construction completion and planning for the upcoming commissioning and startup of a large power plant. By the end of this year I will be ENTJ "the commander" and by the middle of next year I will be ENTJ "executive" . In between...every 3 months for a period of 2 weeks...I turn into ISFP "adventurer" I am never a Diplomat.
  13. la risposta è già arrivata! devo dare l'addio ai vettoriali! 683734930 Not Approved Linked Images / Bitmaps / Raster Effects -- Linked images, bitmaps and raster effects are not acceptable.
  14. Anita, you can't send emails to, it bounces back. When you email, you will get the answer from, that's how it works. Of course you can try if you wish to see for yourself.
  15. Interesting - I was a defender - have to admit quite a few truths in there!
  16. It doesn't look very hopeful that Shutterstock is going to do something about it. Only if you can prove that it's stolen content from Shutterstock. But if your work is there, please also report them to and maybe together we can make a difference.
  17. I know an undertaker who's quite good at the box thing
  18. Doesn't really work for me. You can't put people into boxes. They tried that since Freud (probably way before that) and doesn't work. For this test, what is the difference between slightly agree and slightly disagree anyway? Nothing really and yet a completely different outcome Like Tony Soprano said "You never know with people""
  19. I tried to send it now to ss, Usually the response arrives within the day . It's NOT a beautiful design, I tried to do it fast just to see if I could avoid raster effects. If this is unacceptable it will be the last vector I will post for a long time. I tried to follow the advice you gave me First I have to learn .
  20. I don't need to take the test, I'm old and grumpy. Its what makes me happy.
  22. (ISTJ, -A/-T)
  23. I'm a ADVOCATE (INFJ-T)
  24. Enlighten us then, why wouldn't that be accepted as editorial? As long as "illustrative editorial" is added as keywords. as it's a clear studio photo, and not just a snap on the streets, why not? What's the difference of that, and a photo of a can of Coca Cola?
  25. Very interesting, and quite accurate I mustsay, but I'll keep to myself which personality I got. Thanks for the link!
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