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  2. Thanks. Yes Adobe seems to be like Google when it comes to sign in with different accounts. It would be nice if Adobe would be like G when it comes to search and help. Besides the official help, which is not bad (in my opinion) but it is not enough, we have the community help forum which hits you with a page of 79 links (that's right, 79). At this point I close the page and look for help some place else.
  3. This discussion might be helpful: https://www.[do_not_advertise_other_microstock_groups]/fotolia-com/best-keyword-strategy-in-adobe-stock/msg560394/#msg560394
  4. Are you sure about that? Do you mean the first 5 are in order of weight, then 6-10 are the same weight but lower than 5, and 11-49 are all the same with lower weight than 6-10? Of course if you get to 50, all keywords have the same weight. I started off at AS thinking only the first 5 are in order of priority (judging by the color scheme), but later learned the first 10 were given priority.
  5. So now they're also taking money back from us? A lot of adjustments are from Clifton, USA. What kind of respectful business works this way? Shutterstock is turning into garbage, with minimal cuts to contributors and a lot of accepted rubbish.
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  7. As others said, on SS keyword order does not matter. They re-shuffle the keywords in alphabetic order. However, I think that on Adobe only the order of the first 5 keywords matter, not the first 10.
  8. Shutterstock does not prioritise keyword order. In fact it auto sorts them all alphabetically after upload.
  9. For me it was the best day this month so far with more than $80. And there are still four hours to go.
  10. I found that Adobe was (still is?) like Google. If you have one account with one service, it seems you get an account with every service they provide. I discovered that even though I had closed my contributor account, eventually I ended up with 3 still-active accounts. Not sure how they (or I) managed that. If you get really stuck on it, Matt over in the MSG forum is pretty pro-active and helpful. I found the official Adobe help system is a real misnomer. Other peoples' experiences may vary of course.
  11. To the best of my knowledge keyword order on Shutterstock is irrelevant. However, it could just be that Shutterstock doesn't share that sort of information.
  12. Thank you Wilm for sharing your badge collection. I find the whole award system very childish (to be nice). Btw. you can change your settings for notification,( what, when and frequency...) on your profile. Thanks for the heads-up regarding the email shower. Adobe has so many forums, all useless but I've found a piece of it where stock contributors ask questions and get some answers, in case anyone wants to read it.
  13. Good luck! And you can write to them and opt-out of the instant pay program for all or some of your pictures.
  14. Ah, I remember this one. There was a thread about it in the MG forum once where it was discussed. https://www.[do_not_advertise_other_microstock_groups]/new-sites-general/stockphoto-com-36170/ It's a site by a guy who used up $250,000 of his family's savings to purchase the domain Stockphoto.com, because he thought with just this name alone he would rank No.1 on search platforms and it would be an guaranteed success without having to do any promotion work. Looks like that did not work out if he is approaching contributors directly and making such desperate offers. How you decide is up t
  15. Now that you mentioned it, there already images of mine too.
  16. Hmmm... it must be an affiliate partner of another stock agency. I found my images there. But I never uploaded anything there.
  17. Whiteaster, I am so proud to show you those glorious badges! 🤪 Obviously my ranking ist "Participant". Great! However, I received no epaulettes, no crown and no money for it. 😚 The greatest badge is "Correct answer" 2 hours ago. Because I didn't write or answer anything at all. Another interesting one is "First Post" on October 05, 2020. How the hell was I able to get badges before that date? You can find this very important information under https://community.adobe.com > upper right corner > there is an icon (in my case it's a soccer ball that I never chose) &
  18. I've seen online that Adobe Stock ranks the importance of your keywords by the order in which you've listed them; does anyone happen to know if this is also true of Shutterstock? Apparently with Adobe the top 10 keywords in your list are the most important. If this is true for Shutterstock too it would significantly change the way in which I keyword. Let me know if you have any insight. Thanks, Guy
  19. I was approached via instagram with this message. Is this reliable? Are there people contributing at StockPhoto.com?
  20. The commercial clips finally cleared through the log jam in review, but the editorial don't seem to be. Have one that was submitted 4/28 that's still stuck and the other one from a week or so ago. The similars police are out in full force too. Had a bunch of images rejected for similars when the only similar was the same "model" and probably because the background color was the same. All the scenes were totally different.
  21. Getting videos from a phone accepted is just the first hurdle and it doesn't put any money in your pocket. The goal is to sell enough videos from a phone to make it worth your time and effort. Is a phone good enough to shoot commercially viable video that many customers will actually want to buy? I don't think so. There are no video production companies, movie studios, TV networks who use phones as their camera. Think about why that is so, and then ask yourself why you think you are different. Why would a customer buy your phone video when they would never shoot their own video on a pho
  22. Recently posted a photo on here - and surprisingly it sold for first time today - coincidence??
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