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  2. I just happened to be standing next to my parked car when this Amish buggy came around a street corner really fast. I made some photos of horse-drawn buggy with two teenage Amish boys in it. The TEENS were responding to my camera with friendly gestures, which is unusual. I have never seen any photos of Amish people in buggies like mine! My photo set of 3 images of the buggy quite close to me and gradually moving away was accepted as Editorial photos by Dreamstime, but Shutterstock rejected them because my "Caption is too vague OR LACKING SPECIFIC INFO". I don't know what I can possibly say in my caption other than Amish teenagers in horse-drawn buggy. Why doesn't Shutterstock tell me what they need to know?! The place and time? The GPS coordinates? (JOKING) I don't know the name of the street, for instance. Would the state and town be ALL THAT they are after? THEN WHY NOT JUST ASK ME FOR THE LOCATION? I wonder if anyone else has had images rejected based on caption alone and how did you do to find out what information to include in the caption to THEN GET YOUR IMAGES ACCEPTED TO EDITORIAL? ANY THOUGHTS OR IDEAS APPRECIATED. BTW, I DON'T THINK THAT I'VE SUBMITTED EDITORIAL TO SHUTTERSTOCK BEFORE THIS, BUT HAVE HAD SOME GOOD SALES OF EDITORIAL PHOTOS ON DREAMSTIME.
  3. I have used two (2) circular polarizers together successfully with B&W for a heavy ND. Don't know if you get color shifts for shooting in color though.
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  5. Laurin and Mike, I remember that long trek thru the canyon. I was so out of breath, I had to stop for a cigarette break. It was a good time with good people!
  6. Maybe it's just me, but I don't see any appeal in this picture, unfortunately.
  7. Sari I think you will have your hands full with that pup ... Patrick I bet the police are to keep the rubber-neckers and media away from her, she is one person that has polarized opinion on whether she did it or not ...
  9. It's a Very old story. and he Plays it well is all I can say. I've seen the work. The term Is very simpley Called "Perceived Value" Many, Many artists In Many Mediums Have discovered this Long time ago..Theres a place here in Bergamont Station ,Santa Monica. It's maybe 25 Top Galleries in the world and top agents. He is represented there.
  10. Yes. Going to have to be more specific with your second question. Obviously, exposure settings change with light, codec settings don't.
  11. Lot of Good Memories on Fremont Street
  12. That's because collectors ( pros, novice, and wannabees alike) don't buy his photographs, they buy his name so that's what they're selling
  14. Great suggestion, thank you!
  15. Rudra, What is the lowest ISO that can be set on your camera? Does your camera have -.3, -.7 and -1 ISO settings? If so the -1 setting will make your ISO 1 stop slower than the lowest number setting on your camera. Let's say the lowest ISO number listed on the camera is 100, that means that at -1 the ISO will be 50, -.7 will be about ISO 67 and -.3 will be about ISO 84. What I'm getting at is this, if your camera can be set on ISO 50 or even a smaller number (my D810 goes to ISO 32) then you may not need a filter to blur waterfalls. You may not need a filter even during the middle of the day if you can find find some water that is really moving, a shady spot to shoot in or if you shoot on an overcast day. This waterfall was in the shade and photographed around 1 pm on a bright sunny day.
  17. The saleslady was pushing the name more than the work for sure. And all I could think was that the first page of Popular on 5oo has better landscapes than what I was seeing.
  18. I was in Las Vegas working with Laurin during one of his and Dave's workshops. One evening some of the students said they were going to eat dinner and then go check out 2 photography galleries so I tagged along. The first gallery was one of Mr. Lik's in Caesar's Palace and the second displayed the images of Rodney Lough Jr. at the Aria. It was an eye opening experience to see both of these galleries in one evening. To make a long story short; In my estimation the quality, composition and resolution of Mr. Lough's images were far superior to Mr. Lik's pictures.
  19. No idea. All mine are Singh Ray, Hoya and B+W.
  20. So I was strolling around the mall last night while the wife shopped, and I noticed a kiosk of Hawaii landscape photos. I thought the kiosk was showcasing glass, ceramic and tile prints. But then the sales lady approached me and said, "These are Peter Lik photographs. You know who Peter Lik is, right?" Indeed, I do. But I had never taken a look at his work. In short, I wasn't impressed. Hawaii landscapes that don't really have a story, sometimes even badly framed, imho. The sales lady then added, "Right now, for memorial day weekend, we are having a 50% off sale, which is unheard of for Peter Lik work." I smiled politely, thinking, "Noooooo thank you. I can take my own." Couple of takeaways from that experience. First, I'm mostly in agreement with those that say that Mr. Lik is a better promoter than a photographer. Second, those who don't create their own art, and rely on others' creations, have a skewed appreciation for art. Happy Friday everyone!
  21. $10.70. My first EL.
  22. You can choose what to do... Erase the names and submit as a "normal" submission, or keep the names and submit as editorial. I can image that both options have a commercial value... So why not doing both?
  23. Thank you so much , Barry. What about Tiffen ? Regards, Rudra
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