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  3. Sari we have snake probs with chickens here too, it looked like it had a full belly ... hope you manage to get it out! lol Sheila, you are right not very productive. Stray cats will often eat dog food as well as cat food ... they are opportunistic.
  4. Whatever your critter was, it was hungry....LOL!!!
  5. Yeah the only way I could keep that snake out would be to cover the entire chicken run with hardware cloth as they just slide through the chicken wire without a problem - unless their bellies are full... It's probably about a 5-footer, so not huge, but not a tiny one, either. I've had a bigger one in there before. I moved it out with a stick, and THEN it started to slither towards me on the stick and I threw it down...LOL -- but I was outside the run at that point, so then I could keep turning it away from the run
  6. Sure! I shoot on a Canon 70D — mostly at 100 ISO with low f-stop and shutter speed twice the frame rate, often much more though (if i'm shooting outside in bright light). Thank you for that tip! I haven't heard of ProRes Codec before but I'll definitely look into it now.
  7. Sari, we were figuring something other than a cat because it ate all the dog food in addition to all the cat food too.
  8. wendy, probably true. Ive been the one taking care of them since they were knee high to a grasshopper. My husband is the one who provides entertainment and play time for them. I downloaded an angry birds game app on my ipad for the grandson to play with and now I'm addicted to it. Not a productive use of time...
  9. Sheila - chances are that it was a cat and not a raccoon, as the fruit in the yard would probably have drawn it to them. But you never know, maybe it liked the smell of cat food better... It's not unusual for there to be four cats on the bed when I wake up in the morning. Sissy is the only one that doesn't hang out there as she doesn't get along with Cocoa, Mocha and Peeps. Fuzzybutt doesn't, either, but she's usually on my pillow which makes her feel safe enough, I guess
  10. That's a freaking big snake! No thank you! I don't even want to know how you are supposed to catch that. There was a huge rattle snake next to the bird aviary at one of the ranger stations in irvine. They apparently put the mesh under the cage in addition to all the way around to keep the snakes out.
  11. Dragonflies and Damselflies are pretty cool; they won't hurt you even if they land on you Sometimes they will walk onto your finger, too, if you put it in front of them slowly. Butterflies will do that, too Oh, and jumping spiders, too, of course , the cute kittens of spider world I have a rat snake in my chicken coop again. It has so far killed three of my chicks, swallowed them, and then puked them back out later when it realized it can't get out of the chicken run with a big belly. Now it apparently has either another chick or something else that it's digesting. It was
  12. Sheila the animals probably see you as the pack leader rather than the popular parent lol. And if you have access for your furbabies then the wild animals will find it. They do here .... if they cant find a way in they sometimes make their own as well MrSorboas lol ... that is cool that you have a close pond to take pics at.
  13. I learned that the nearby pond I have here, is kind of an insect paradise. There literally was hundreds of dragonflys flying around and they started becoming way too "friendly" to be anymore confortable when I was taking photos of them. Landing on my hands etc. I was kind of ok when some of them landed first, but when the mating dragonflys also landed on my hand, I decided that it's not ok anymore, they should find some better room for that. And I cannot even take photos that close with my lens.
  14. https://www.shutterstock.com/ru/image-photo/autumn-leaves-61562107
  15. Yesterday
  16. Last month was my best ever thanks to a lot of single and others. This month started off ok but has been very up and down. One day I had 53 downloads, which may be a record for me, but the total was only $8.35. Today, I only have 8 downloads but one Single and other was $109.12 and another was $12.00, so today is making up for the early part of the month and it looks like it also may be a record for me. Very strange couple of months, but pleased with SS.
  17. Like Doug says, we can't help without seeing the relevant keywords and images. We could guess at a lot of reasons but sods law it wouldn't be the right reason.
  18. How can anyone provide feedback without seeing the images and keywords in question?
  19. Just download directly from the SD card via a quality card reader, like a Lexar, or you might have an SD slot built into your computer. Transfer the files manually into a folder, not using some app import feature. Make sure to format the card when you put it back in the camera.
  20. I have just gotten rejections titled. Keywords not acceptable. I have been with Shutterstock for many, many years and this is the first time I have encountered this. Is this a new person reviewing our photos. I have done same key wording style for years. This very much discourages me from contributing. Any feedback?
  21. I captured this pocket gopher at a local park: https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/bottas-pocket-gopher-thomomys-bottae-shows-1992224942 I wish I could have captured the one at my house before it destroyed our large Golden Sword Yucca plant a while back: https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/root-damage-by-pocket-gophers-central-1249337785
  22. https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/rome-italy-june-4-2018-colorful-1118937332
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