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  2. In which case they would have closed your account, because it's against the terms to download your own photos. 😲
  3. This is the new trend. Not much to say...
  4. Yes, it's entertaining, but for me, the time spent on old slides, is just for the challenge, I don't see any great sales future in them. My best results have been just using a slide copier, or anything with a digital camera, same as you. Slide scanners seem to make everything more complicated and don't give the best results. Focus: The main subject is out of focus or is not in focus due to camera shake, motion blur, overuse of noise reduction, or technical limitations of the equipment used (e.g. autofocus searching, camera sensor quality, etc). I liked it? Yeah it was a slide from 1968 OK I guess that one hits the bit bucket? 😉
  5. So true and even if the center jar is in focus, the right one isn't. Really, your idea of using a tripod and smaller f-stop would make a positive difference. That or better lighting.
  6. But they have no sales. I closed my accounts on other non-performing stock photo sites.
  7. If you filename has '(' the transfer fails.
  8. What was you shutter speed? Motion blur from hand holding a shot in less than optimal light conditions is often the problem.
  9. I though your post covered things quite well. I was filling in some holes in the details. We aren't all dealing with the same outlets or uses for our images. I was targeting Stock Photos for the web and computer use. I know she was short but 8 bits is tiny?
  10. Richard - as far as I can see the focus is only on the rifles on the lids ...
  11. Today
  12. Dropped for me, but not much, compare to September 19. AS relatively the same.
  13. Darla - it means what it says ... they have changes the rules - newly regarding close up of signboards. Yes.
  14. https://www.shutterstock.com/it/image-photo/tagliatelle-black-truffle-norcia-typical-italian-1787438066
  15. AS has been terrible for me - much worse than SS - since the end of July.
  16. Just had a look. At AS it is currently 28% more downloads and $116 more than in September 2019.
  17. I have not uploaded anything since May 26th. I also deleted some images - so my portfolio has become smaller compared to September 2019. Although I'm up $136 right now. And I have made 15% more downloads. Both compared to last September.
  18. Linda, cool footage. Reminds me of myself when I used to hand feed a crab in my aquarium years ago. I had no choice but to hand feed it because if I just dropped the food in, the greedy zebra fish would eat it all.
  19. Im actually about $150 up on last September but thats because for some reason this week lots of people have started buying very expensive videos. The overall trend since june still remains down 40% ish in total.
  20. https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/dieffenbachia-maculata-compacta-dumbcane-variegated-tropical-1638035587
  21. September downloads continue to be terrible and worse than 2019 despite having a larger portfolio. I'm just talking about the raw numbers here and not dollars. I think it is indicative of a slowing economy.
  22. "no longer accepting this type of content" used to mean "we have enough pictures like this, send us something else." I don't know what Shutterstock means by it now, though. Apparently, they are fine with having thousands of pictures that only differ by a few pixels.
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