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  2. yes, but that the customers have legal stand against. 😎
  3. Sure that he can shoot to plastic drones…
  4. Spent a fair bit of time in portland. Nearly always different colour grey skies, nearly always cold, nearly always drizzle. The days its not actually raining its normally cloudy. I really wanted more than 1 week a year where the weather was acceptably warm (or cold) and sky clear enough to see things. I moved abroad in 2006 as a result. Im in the UK at the moment but only temporarily, ill be going somewhere nicer again very very soon! ...and its 10am, ive had the lights on all morning as its dark outside, theres been rain falling for hours, its 13 degrees and a strong wind and no incentive to go outdoors at all...Welcome to summer.
  5. Artwork in general you mean? Oh yes, that is fine with a property release. I have lots of artwork in my port. Some is also OK as editorial as long as it isn't the main subject of the image. Graffiti is a complete no no unless you have a release (I think).
  6. yeah, some poor SS customers looking for "Fortune cookie" probably wonder why they get my FORTress pictures.
  7. The problem is a ton of editorial images are doctored on here as well (well over simple levels etc, i mean cloning) so simply going with editorial is no guarantee the image is realistic.
  8. I live on the Isle of Portland in Dorset and love it. The sea and sky never look exactly the same, crazy winter storms and beautiful summer days with big skies. I would not really like to live anywhere else particularly if it were away from the sea.
  9. i didn't know any art was acceptable. @jeffde can you clarify that some artwork is acceptable?
  10. Background is in there because its been keyword spams for years and years so the AI links it to most images. Thereby continuing the trend. Another issue i found is something to do with my entry technique, id type in a keyword i wanted, the laggy interface finds a compound one and when i hit enter it selects that not the individual word i wanted to put in. I spent a while re-editing to removing unwanted compound keywords as a result of that. The main problem with AI is its learning off big-data. Garbage in-Garbage out applies. So if there are enough mis-labelled images there it'll suggest those labels, people will use them and the problem continues. Its not AI as in understanding the image, its very simply collating keywords based on user suggested images. FWIW google isnt amazing at it yet either. I did a reverse image search on one of mine to see where its been used and it game up with this suggestion to what it is:-
  11. I live near the coast and worked around it for years. Its the same dull, grey drizzle with the damp, energy sucking cold there too. Hot is nice. Cold is nice. Sun is nice. Snow is nice. Thunderstorms and exciting weather are nice. The UK gets none of those at all.
  12. Weather, British weather, did someone mention the weather! Peeing down here in Wales. Bouncing! Height of summer!!!!
  13. Disagree with that. Temperature hits 25c here people start moaning - thats not hot by the rest of planet earth standards. And thats 3 or 4 days a year. If you're lucky its the same number of sunsets per year.
  14. Maybe you should have tried the coast? There is quite a lot of it being an island and at least you can get magical light. Even the rain can look good!
  15. Well done. You win. Here's your prize πŸ†
  16. OMG you will get Scorsby involved now. Don't mention Brussels 🀯
  17. Bigstock Offset Rex Features BEImages PremiumBeat Rocketstock
  18. Funny. We are doing what the British are known for: talking about the weather 😊
  19. I'm pretty sure these incompetent bureaucrats in Brussels are to blame for the misery. But that will soon be over, then we will get colourful pictures from the Kingdom.
  20. Ahh- its not that bad, and we can get lovely sunsets, and very hot days (sometimes) - depends where you are. I agree summers are unpredictable, but I wouldn't live anywhere else (well maybe Africa ;o)
  21. Why? There are many different stock agencies out there besides Shutterstock.
  22. Very poor on BS - I actually had a 'high' download the other for for $1.00 - otherwise they are normally $0.25 - I only upload there as the metadata is already in the photo, so doesn't take much to upload - but only 1 or 2 at a time otherwise it crashes!! I get payout once or maybe twice a year if I'm lucky.
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