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  4. Yes. Dragging great weights on your shoulder for years will cause you shoulder and back problems. I did that with a heavy camera bag for 10-20 years and had shoulder pain for around 5 years afterwards. My fortune was finding the Sony A6000 with kit lens that fitted in my photojacket pocket. I can no longer find this forum on the SS site so I don't know whether you will get this.
  5. This guys found a way to make money doing nothing. But its going to end because content produced by real pros y going to dry up and companies needing HQ content will have to hire a local to produce they're images. Thats what the future looks like. What brought us to this place is social media and those companies that make theyre own content out of the the phones they have in they're pocket.
  6. Im new there but its really cool site I got there cause I needed to hear from those in other stock sites.
  7. It seems to be another milestone on the way to the future of shutterstock. Appreciation for those who provide the feed that shutterstock needs to live does not seem to be part of the corporate culture. Nor does awareness of and engagement with the contributors - with the basis of success. Cutting costs and making shareholders happy - that's what matters today. As with so countless other companies. Capitalism is showing its ugly face. And don't come to me with the argument that the forum is no longer wanted because of spam. That does not apply! If there were at least one or two employees
  8. You are in great shape then for your age, I can only hope I will be able to drag my equipment around for anywhere near this long. As it is, my back and right shoulder are giving me much grief these days. I don't know if it is decades of carrying heavy broadcast style Betacams on my shoulder (that double Anton Bauer brick alone weighed a ton...), or pulling giant Arri kits from car trunks. In the end, it doesn't matter. Gotta keep doing it until I can't anymore. Certainly stock isn't turning out the income replacement I had hoped for.
  9. (...the reason for this strange behaviour) so, since yesterday i have the same pic being downloaded, by the same source, like 10 times in a raw, all .10. Now it start happening again. any explanation?
  10. Should we move to https://www.[do_not_advertise_other_microstock_groups]/ anyway? Than we open a topic only for old Shutterstockers. I just registered as a member.
  11. Had to google the forum too. Was afraid that the forum no longer existed. but you are still here. Either they are doing it because of the spammer and this is a mistake or the end of the forum is near. Will indeed miss you.
  12. So I guess it's time to say goodbye... It was nice talking to y'all.
  13. Same for me. First disappear the frame (on left bottom) but link below exist. Now even the link disappear.
  14. Just noticed that the forums are no longer an option from the main contributor dashboard under 'Insights' which is where it's been for years ... a sign of things to come? Or perhaps just a bug that will be sorted ... time will tell .. I am on Firefox but also tried Edge. I accessed again via Google search.
  15. https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo_ID2041931960 https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo_ID1187999509 https://www.shutterstock.com/g/shultay+baltaay14
  16. Congratulations, Roman, I'm sincerely happy for you, keep it up!
  17. Just made a sale today por 10 cts. First this month, AS has been dead for a month now not o mention P5 o Deposit.
  18. They definitely can't get me on the church bell tower, the wise cat decided and rushed upstairs...
  19. Cheers! I joined as well for the next events
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