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  2. The stacking coins (banknotes) Club

    Good job guys
  3. I would love to Know how

    what sort are you after, dslr or compact? depends how much you got to spend really, I've got one of the olympus epl6 compacts that is ok for general stuff.
  4. SS guidelines on Mary Jane please?

    Oh my... I see the 1000s of weed images coming from Lindsey.
  5. The Hummer Thread Vol.2!!!

    Sheila, interesting concept. There are water immersion and oil immersion objectives that are available for microscopes. With my 40x objective, the front glass element is extremely close to the subject. Almost looks like it's touching the slide. I guess you know this from your work with microscopes - that when using the 40x objective, you can only use the fine focus knob. If you use coarse focus, you'll ram the objective into the glass slide, breaking it. I'd imagine with a 100x objective (which are usually used for oil immersion) the distance between the front glass element and the specimen would be even tighter. Ive never used oil immersion objectives but I believe a special kind of oil is used with them. Both the front glass element and the specimen are immersed in oil. Apparently, if such objectives are used in air, the optical quality won't be that great. The oil is needed to achieve optimum quality.
  6. SS guidelines on Mary Jane please?

    Yes, the infamous doug Shutter with 341 Pages of Way over Processed weed stuff Classic Spammer and they let him do it. Now there are a good Million weed shots and related weed stuff. But Lindsey. think about composition and Lighting and stock Value....Please. Only One I submitted was wonder Woman shot without the Type. Thats a business Card. we supply Wholesale a Lot of Farmacys in LA. I do Photography for this Place. very grown up newage weed stores. This is the future. wineries in N,California are closing down and replacing the land with weed for a much better profit margin.. Israel is at the forefront at research for medicine, Sweden is the CBD medicinal water headquarters..
  7. I would love to Know how

    I have no idea what this coin stacking fetish is. - thus making your point irrelevant. If SOMEBODY could explain it to me, we might get somewhere with this communication.
  8. "I cut heads of all the time".... I starting to get scared... maybe to much contact in this forum is not that save anymore.
  9. Release and photoshop.

    Hello! I have a question. Is it possible to fill the release in a photoshop? And can it be filled with a tablet and a pen by hand? Or use a font in Photoshop?
  10. Please point me where I made a mistake!

    they are correct ness. you just can't walk around taking anything. Like mirco said. don't be afraid of editorial which is a =Bunch of BS anyway Nowdays.
  11. The Hummer Thread Vol.2!!!

    I read somewhere that they're working on a new submersible microscope that will allow better focus because it can get closer to the organisms. I can't find the link now though.
  12. Not true. I cut heads off all the time and do Pretty well. from what there accepting Nowdays ..I seriously doubt Poor framing is even in there vocabulary.The woman in the bank Pic is perfect Because....Composition ally she is facing a open door and the Light. If it was a wall?....Loser.
  13. I think it's a perfect concept classic stock shot. Not art in any way. head cut off?. who cares you get the story Instantly. think about that guys. your really not creating art your creating a Impression ....A snapshot of Life.
  14. SS guidelines on Mary Jane please?

    btw, Lindsey, you're up against this guy.
  15. Exactly. Very old tricks used everyday by cinematographers in particular. Test it qucikly for yourself. Try zooming in on Mirco's shot of the woman and baby above just so the top of her head is out of frame. The almost voyeuristic feeling in the original shot magically transforms into one of intimacy, comfort and familiarity. Of course try that with stock shots and you risk rejection for poor framing.
  16. SS guidelines on Mary Jane please?

    Hahah - years ago, we were growing and we would pinch of the lower leaves as the buds began to show up. There wasn't a trash can nearby, so they (the young leaves) just ended up stacking up on the corner of a desk. They kept disappearing. I thought the husband was smoking them. He though I was smoking them. Eventually, we caught the cat eating them. She was a pretty mellow kitty.
  17. Today
  18. SS guidelines on Mary Jane please?

    I have a ton of weed and weed related shots. always have. I don't do Pipes and stuff Because someone made them. Been a grower for a lot of years and invested heavily this year with my son in law.. Not to worry. just don't do products that others make or sell. me in front of A grow last year. 13ft. Indica and a drying room.Also our own Hybrid "Wonder Woman"
  19. Doom & Gloom 2

    Saturday sucks when it comes to stock sales
  20. True, my handsome coin man still waiting for buyes
  21. What is wrong ? Rejection with unaccepted editorial caption

    Its all the blather about world heritage sites and forts which are irrelevant to the image. These ladies could be anywhere in India. Get rid of the world heritage site and Kumbhalgah fort keywords and references in the description
  22. Interesting discussion - btw, I never said I didn't like the picture.
  23. Amazing return on investment

    Yup, I had and have no desire to shoot high end. Like fashion, there is such a range from Paris runway to Walmart catalogue, same with food. Everyone wants to be in Bon Apetit mag, which is fine, but selling common place ******* sells over and over and over again. Besides, Laurin's partner is the only one I know shooting high end who doesn't doctor up their food. If you can't eat it after the shoot, its not food, its art.
  24. Doom & Gloom 2

    That's nothing new for me.
  25. Usually shooting small animals from above looks snapshotish, but this works for me. I really like it.
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