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    • Ive been asked by a scientist to find some land crabs and photograph them here on Kangaroo Island. According to her colleagues, land crabs are getting very scarce over on the South Australian mainland and they were wondering how well they were doing on the island. I was able to find six of them in an area about 7 x 1 meters. I guess that's a fairly decent indicator that they have a good sized population on the island. 
    • Your Port is just amazing as always. I miss seeing you. My long time assistant is a Crazy Pet shooter also. she Now shoots for a fancy Place in Bev Hills. and says she can hardly wait to get to work and wants to open her Own Place. Her Background is Going on the road with Rock Bands for years and Just Burnt out. Like I was .LOL. be well girlfriend. Dave says hello also.
    • Hi Susan. How are you? I bought the Sony a7rII two years ago and absolutely love it. I am no techie, as you know, so here is my appraisal as a user: In the beginning I had problems with the adaptor and focus issues with my Nikon lenses, so I decided to buy the Sony lenses. I have three - the 90mm macro, 1.8/50mm,  and the 3.5-5.6/28-70mm - which cover all my studio and basic outdoor use. The focus using Sony lenses is amazing - it just knocks your socks off. Never had that with my Nikon gear.  It was a costly exercise but it more than paid for itself many times over. It was recommended for me by a mutual friend, who BTW shoots with RED cameras, but to fit within my budget. (approx. $4k for camera plus lenses). It got me into 4k footage which was the main thing, but because the quality is so good, I can shoot for video and then export frames for stills, and have no problem whatsoever selling those.  Its often referred to as the 'girlie' camera, but that suits me fine as its so light (camera with Sony lens) that I can shoot video handheld (which I couldn't do with the Nikon gear before - far too heavy for me) and that allows for more spontaneous clips when you are out and about.  Another big plus for me.  I can increase my ISO in low light with no noise problems, which is something I couldn't do with my older Nikon gear. I can shoot video with very shallow DOF (say, f/2.8) and still export the stills and sell as photos with no discernible quality loss.  Only downfall is battery life is very short - but they give you an extra battery. lol. And you get used to working around that. Yes, it has been superseded by the III, but I am not interested in upgrading mine. The only other thing I want from a video camera, which the a7rII AND III cannot do, is shoot slo-mo at 4k. When something like that comes out in my price range, then I may upgrade. Hope this helps, and you're well, Best regards Annie