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    • I strongly think that better times for microstock will come. When two,three or four things get in the right place :  1 ) Termination ( or end ) of Shutterstock's deal with facebook ( all those thievery web sites  use same code - leakage from Shutterstock's  API ( application programming interface ) trough FB)  2)  When Shutterstock fix broken API 3) when Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) vote on a new copyright directive in early July, and hopefully accept that new " Copyright Directive " 4) When ALL microstock agencies raise content approval standard.  
    • I don't think you'd need to bother with a model release of the person, if the face is completely covered.  Don't know the answer to the other question - it would likely depend on how famous that character is.
    • HI Antonio. You started a good portfolio, just keep uploading more photos on different topics. look around you, remember what holidays are coming, use friends as models if possible. Flowers and food images do sell, but the competition is huge, you have to be really good at it. I really liked your landscapes and images from Japan. I had a very slow start, now photos sell most days. Small amounts bring big smile Have a great day!