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    • Wow. Congratulations 🍻
    • Basic adjustments are perfectly allowable for editorials. Exposure/contrast issues can and should be fixed.
    • Ah I get it. Yes NASA and all kinds of free photos from the US Government because the taxpayers paid to have them made. Someone doesn't need to license to get those for free, just look in the right place. My question is, how do you see what earns reliably? Can you tell what I earn or what someone else on the forum earns, or you can see uses and that's what you are using to determine that, because they appear many times = they must be selling? I don't understand. And by the way, yes, some people with small portfolios make more sales than I do. Content and quality and images that are in demand. I've always said that less can make more, if someone does self review and limits their uploads to only the best, instead of going for numbers. I have a mix, because the Editorial lends itself to more numbers a there are more variations, which any Plop and Shoot I upload only one. 😃 On topic, weekends, Saturday are dead days for me. Sales come and go, seasonal and fairly at random. Like most of us, I get mostly subs, but now and then, like weekly, ODs and Single use. Maybe it's back to what I have available and there aren't many that are really going to be downloaded by sub people, so they are needed as individual DLs. That's confusing... I mean the people who need what I make, much of mine, aren't people who would have a subscription package. I have a smaller demand and smaller group of people who would need a specific image, not many images.    
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